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Satanic Panic: How Metal Was Targeted & How Music Is Targeted Today

Satanic Panic


In the ’80s, Satanic Panic came for heavy music as the reason for America’s youth being corrupted. Today, Satanic Panic has a new target. This video looks at Satanic Panic: How Metal Was Targeted & How Music Is Targeted Today. 





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“Satanic Panic was a period of mass hysteria in the United States in the 1980s, fueled by moral panic surrounding perceived Satanism and the occult. The panic was characterized by widespread media coverage of the supposed influence of Satanism on popular culture, including heavy metal music. 

Heavy metal music was a particular target of the Panic. Critics of the genre accused it of promoting Satanism and violence. They pointed to lyrics that dealt with occult themes and imagery, as well as the use of satanic symbols in album artwork. The media also played a role in demonizing heavy metal, with stories about headbanging fans and concerts that turned violent.  

The Satanic Panic had a significant impact on American culture in the 1980s. It led to censorship of music and books, and it created a climate of fear and suspicion. The panic also had a negative impact on the heavy metal music scene, as bands were forced to defend themselves against accusations of Satanism. 

The Satanic Panic began to subside in the late 1980s, as more and more people began to question the allegations. However, the legacy of the panic continues to this day. Heavy metal music is still often associated with Satanism, and it is still a target of moral panic.” (Google Bard)