Home Photos Photos: STONE SOUR at Shiprocked January 22 & 24, 2018

Photos: STONE SOUR at Shiprocked January 22 & 24, 2018

Photos of Stone Sour at Shiprocked 2018.

All photos taken by Luke Spencer

on January 22 & 24, 2018 on Carnival Liberty.

Captain Corey Taylor and the rest of Stone Sour headlined the ninth voyage of Shiprocked.  Heading to The Bahamas and back, Stone Sour performed twice to a crowd of Shiprockers who swayed with the band every song.  Below are two separate photo galleries from each set.

The first performance was on the second night of the cruise in the ship’s theater.  Opening with “Taipei Person/Allah Tea”, Stone Sour lit up the costumed up crowd with Taylor addressing the crowd to finally cut lose, even to those who had already had no idea where they were from the abundance of alcohol given from the cruises’ many bars.  Click on any photo below to open this gallery.


The band’s second performance closed out Shiprocked on the final night.  On an extremely windy voyage that went on past midnight, Stone Sour played a collection of songs from Hydrograd all the way back to 2002’s debut.  It marks 16 years since Stone Sour hit the scene and it’s been a big ride ever since.  Featuring an encore with “Gone Soverign/Absolute Zero” and “Fabuless”, the band gave everyone a night to remember.  Click on any photo below to open the gallery.

Stone Sour will be on tour with Halestorm and Red Sun Rising on specific dates for the next few months until festival season starts.  Hydrograd is available now and you can check out some of the songs from the album below.