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Creeper – Sanguivore | Album Review


Creeper Sanguivore
Creeper Sanguivore Album Review


This is a full rock opera and it’s exactly what Creeper needed to make in order to show how fun this band can be. Sanguivore relishes in the dramatic sing-alongs that are broodingly gothic and 80s-tastic. Will and Hannah once again how well they can sing together. The best selling point besides the singles is the nine-minute opener “Further Than Forever”. It’s the best way to open this gritty opus. Part fantasy, part macabre, and lots of hooks. Over the top doesn’t begin to describe Sanguivore but this album is filled with vampires and it’s not total cheese. Halloween has a new soundtrack. For old Creeper fans wanting the next chapter and new listeners wanting something different, Sanguivore won’t lead you astray. 9/10


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Here are some of the critical reactions to Sanguivore:
“Sanguivore is a bold and ambitious album that sees Creeper fully embrace their love of classic rock, punk, and metal.” – The Skinny
“Sanguivore is a love letter to the 80s, whether it’s punk, pop, hard-rock or heavy metal, and it’s bursting with great songs that are sure to please long-term and new fans alike.” – Rock Sound
“Sanguivore is an impressive and unapologetic romp through an ever-expanding pool of reference points: the drama of Meat Loaf, the brooding urgency of Sisters of Mercy, and the 70s punk edge of The Damned, to name a few.” – Rolling Stone UK


Creeper Sanguivore Album Review