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Album Review: Future Leaders of The World – Reveal

After years of anticipation, the Future Leaders of The World “Reveal” what they have to bring in 2015.  This is not a political statement.  I promise.


Text Review:

You have to appreciate tenacity and continuing to produce what you love.  While there are many bands who stay on the big stage for life and others who are a flash in the pan, there are also bands who always seem to be right on the verge of something special but still somehow can’t get noticed by a dominant audience.

Future Leaders of the World, also known as FLOW, definitely fits that description.  This band has toured with names like Shinedown, Alter Bridge, Chevelle, Seether and has also garnered praise from big names like Eddie Vedder and Chester Bennington.  Eddie Vedder even went as far as comparing lead singer Phil Taylor’s vocal ability as “a modern day Kurt Cobain.”

My first experience was way back in 2004, when FLOW single Let Me Out was featured as iTunes free single of the week.  For an up and coming rock band to get that much attention on a public music software service is proof alone that the band is worth spotlighting.

It has been over ten years since then though.  And after lineup changes, label changes, and several EPs, it begs the questions what can we expect from a now matured Phil Taylor and company.  The first single Intoxicate was publicized heavily as the bands lead single and confirm that FLOW is as ambitious as ever.

It’s hard to explain why, but I can definitely understand why Eddie Vedder sees the comparison with the sound of Kurt Cobain’s vocals.  It’s the delivery and raw emotion put into that chorus that makes everything stand out.  The symbols keep a great rhythm and the guitarwork is straight out of the 90’s.

Rock like this is a standard that is not going to evaporate anytime soon.  While many bands are going for synthesizers and effect pedals, there is a band like FLOW and songs like Intoxicate that prove it’s possible to make something memorable and catchy without the audio special effects.  Before the song is over you feel like you want to sing along, and that is a good sign.

Lyrically, Reveal has many tracks that are descriptive and creative, but somehow still reminiscent of the early grunge era.  Sons like Intoxicate and Sink or Swim have loud sing along choruses like Nirvana, and others like Wherever The Wind Blows and Rain remind me of the acoustic masterpieces of Days of The New and Candlebox.

Rain gives a totally different dynamic than Intoxicate but still feels like it belongs in the same album.  I LOVE the vocal expression in the verses and the acoustics are gorgeous.  This song, just like others, feel like they belong together.

Even though not every song is completely memorable, you can’t deny the talent showcased throughout Reveal.  There is a pacing in this tracklist that almost demands a certain level of respect.  You can tell that there was serious effort and sweat poured into the recording of this album.

I sincerely wish that there were more bands with the tenacity like Future Leaders of the World.  Even after a decade and many behind the scenes changes, the music can still come forward and come first.  If more bands were able to do this, then the rock scene would once again be dominant.

Overeall, if you loved the sound of Intoxicated or miss the days of plaid wearing and headbanging to grunge, then you really need to give FLOW a chance.  It’s the type of band that will always leave an impression, you just have to be willing to give it a chance.